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@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ The app tries to fix the following issues in the database
- Add missing genre if present in epub (genre and booktogenre tables)
- Add missing series information (books_impl table)
The best results are achieved when metadata has been carefully maintained with Calibre.
## Compatibility
This program is tested on a PocketBook
- *Touch HD 3* (software version 6.1.900)
@ -37,6 +39,9 @@ Just copy the executable file into the PocketBook's application directory. If yo
If you don't see any changes:
There might be an explorer (which shows your library) process already running. Then you should just stop/kill it with the task manager. Putting the device to sleep and then wake it up might also work. Afterwards, the changes should be visible to the explorer.
## Feedback
Feedback is highly appreciated. You can reach me via Matrix []( or ask questions in the [PbDbFixer-Thread]( of the German *E-Reader Forum*.
## Build
If you want to build PbDbFixer yourself, make sure that you have Rust's toolchain target `arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi` as well as the GCC cross compiler for ARM CPUs installed. On Arch Linux, the AUR package `arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc75-linaro-bin` does the job. Don't forget to tell `cargo` which compiler/linker it has to invoke. In my case, I had to edit `~/.cargo/config`: