Since Pocketbook has some problems with extracting metadata correctly from EPUB files, this program tries fix these issues.
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Since Pocketbook has some problems with extracting metadata correctly from EPUB files, this program tries fix these issues. It tries to identify wrong database entries and fix it by reading the corresponding epub metadata.


The app tries to fix the following issues in the database

  • Correction of wrong firstauthor entries (books_impl table)
  • Correction of wrong first_author_letter entries (books_impl table)
  • Correction of wrong author entries (books_impl table)
  • Removing deleted e-books from the database (various tables)
  • Add missing genre if present in epub (genre and booktogenre tables)
  • Add missing series information (books_impl table)

The best results are achieved when metadata has been carefully maintained with Calibre.


This program is tested on a PocketBook

  • Touch HD 3 (software version 6.5)
  • Inkpad 3 Pro (software version 6.5)
  • Touch Lux 4 (software version 6.3)

It might work with other PocketBook devices/software versions. Please tell me if it works for you (and do make a backup of the explorer-3.db file before trying!).

Installation and Usage


Use at your own risk. In case of doubt it is not a mistake to make a backup of the file /system/explorer-3/explorer-3.db beforehand.

Just copy the executable file into the PocketBook's application directory. If you encounter duplicate authors or other issues (see "Features" above) in the PocketBook's library, open the applications screen and tap on the PbDbFixer icon.

If you don't see any changes:
There might be an explorer (which shows your library) process already running. Then you should just stop/kill it with the task manager. Putting the device to sleep and then wake it up might also work. Afterwards, the changes should be visible to the explorer.


Feedback is highly appreciated. You can reach me via Matrix or ask questions in the PbDbFixer-Thread of the German E-Reader Forum.


If you want to build PbDbFixer yourself, make sure that you have Rust's toolchain target arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi as well as the GCC cross compiler for ARM CPUs installed. On Arch Linux, the AUR package arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc75-linaro-bin does the job. Don't forget to tell cargo which compiler/linker it has to invoke. In my case, I had to edit ~/.cargo/config:

linker = "arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc"

Now you can easily compile the stuff by invoking

cargo build --release --target=arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi