KIMA2 ist ein kleines Kassenprogramm für Kindersachenmärkte.
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#ifndef SELLER_H
#define SELLER_H
#include "article.h"
#include "entityint.h"
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
// class Article;
class Seller : public EntityInt
Seller() = default;
// virtual ~Seller() = default;
Seller(const std::string& firstName, const std::string& lastName, int sellerNo = 0,
int numArticlesOffered = 0);
void setSellerNo(int sellerNo);
void setFirstName(const std::string& firstName);
void setLastName(const std::string& lastName);
void setNumArticlesOffered(int number);
void addArticle(std::unique_ptr<Article> article);
void cleanupArticles();
std::string getFirstName() const;
std::string getLastName() const;
int getSellerNo() const;
std::string getSellerNoAsString() const;
int numArticlesOffered() const;
int numArticlesSold() const;
// int numArticlesTotal() const;
std::vector<Article*> getArticles(bool onlySold = true) const;
Article* getArticleByUuid(const std::string& uuidString);
int getMaxArticleNo() const;
int sumInCents();
std::string sumAsString();
friend bool operator<(const Seller& li, const Seller& re);
friend bool operator<(const std::unique_ptr<Seller>& li, const std::unique_ptr<Seller>& re);
int sellerNo_{-1};
int numArticlesOffered_{};
std::string firstName_{};
std::string lastName_{};
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Article>> articles_{};