KIMA2 ist ein kleines Kassenprogramm für Kindersachenmärkte.
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boost = dependency('boost', modules :['date_time'])
xlnt = dependency('xlnt')
sqlite = dependency('sqlite3')
src = ['database.cpp', 'entity.cpp', 'entityint.cpp', 'entityuuid.cpp',
'seller.cpp', 'article.cpp', 'sale.cpp', 'marketplace.cpp',
'excelreader.cpp', 'csvreader.cpp', 'jsonutil.cpp', 'utils.cpp']
core_inc = include_directories('..')
core_lib = static_library('core', src, dependencies :[boost, xlnt, sqlite, nlohmann_lib, csv_dep])
core_dep = declare_dependency(link_with : core_lib, include_directories : core_inc)